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Service charge demands

If you have received a service charge demand that you dispute we can advise you about your rights as a leaseholder. We will check if you are entitled to withhold payment or if there are grounds for disputing the amount. This area can be complicated and we would encourage you to contact us for a free 20 minute consultation.

Right of first refusal

Where the right of first refusal applies to premises, strict rules have to be observed if the landlord wishes to dispose of any interest in the premises. Whether you are buying or selling, we will advise you about the correct procedure to follow. Breaches of the right of first refusal may cause the landlord to be fined and give the leaseholders the right to buy the freehold. Contact us now to find out more.

Landlord’s consent

Many leases require landlord’s consent before the leaseholder may carry out alterations or sub-let, for example. Breaching the terms of the lease may lead to forfeiture proceedings and it is prudent to find out if you need a consent license from the landlord first. Whether you are a landlord or a leaseholder, we can explain your rights and obligations and deal with all aspects of the application. Contact us early to avoid problems later on.

Disrepair claims

If your building or apartment is in disrepair because of tenants’ or landlord’s neglect, we will provide comprehensive advice about liability and merit. If repair works cannot be agreed through correspondence, we will make the necessary court applications to ensure that repairs will be carried out and will advise you about the long terms solutions to any problems with the management of the building.